Welcome to DvN Clan™!

Welcome to DvN - Devastation! Im sure you've stumbled upon our website because you either heard about us from social media trends, youtube trends, or call of duty trends, neither of which are important. What is important is that we caught your attention. With that being said, DvN originally was a clan developed as a group of close friends who have a common hobby and play the online video game "Call Of Duty". Originated on Black Ops with roots from Modern Warfare 2, Back in the day we were known as the clan "zRaW" which was abbreviated for "Reckless At War". We have now rebranded and reenjuvinated as of 2017 in the new era of online video games. This Clan is based upon loyalty and dedication from each member who agrees to becoming a full-fledged member of the DvNClan. We are here working together as a team to assure the most enjoyment out of your gaming experience. We are dedicated to keeping a nice organized clan with experienced players.

Leadership with over 6 years of experience and knowledge, we know pretty much everything there is about operating a team in this community. We know how it feels to be used, unrecognized, and most of all not appreciated. DvN vows to show and provide support towards any player that joins our organization. There are plenty of opportunities to raise your rank and win awards based on your actions within the clan and no act of valor or loyalty goes unnoticed here. FaZe, Optic, and other huge organizations have a set roster and once the number has been met, no one can become apart of their organization. DvN is different. We are dividing our efforts into the first multi-divison gaming clan on the internet to the present day. This means, there is no limit on members. This means anyone has a chance to prove themselves. Show us what you can bring to the tables. Dont walk up empty handed and expect to walk away with something.

Ask yourself...

Are you here because you are looking for an opportunity in the pro league of gamers (MLG Events/eSports)? Are you here because you are a pubstomper and the team you represent doesnt care about your content and just money they recieve from uploading your content? Are you just a casual player tired of raging in matches because your team doesn't support you? Sick of being the only player going for the objectives and putting up points for your team? If you answer YES to any of those questions, you might make the best move of you're online gaming career. DvN is a clan that can be looked at as a scouting agency for the NFL/MLB. We arent afraid to put our money & reputation on the line for the talented unrecognized players in the gaming world because we know there are plenty players out there who are better than the pro players that exist today. Our eSports team isnt fully developed yet. We are looking to make a team with versatility and a solid understanding of the competitive Call of Duty environment. Our purpose, our mission, our primary goal is to create a fun and enjoyable clan for all like minded gamers out there who have had the same dream as us. The only difference is we are making your dream become a reality with a few simple procedures. Join us today and help build the legacy for future dreamers and the future gaming community.

If this is something you would like to persue read the following pages. Handbook. && Apply Now