Welcome to DvN Clan™!
Attention new & feature members of DvN! If you're unsure of what you need to do, this section should provide you the answers that you're looking for.
We encourage & require ALL existing Members and feature Members to Post an introduction in the Forums Section as a new thread. This is one of the few requirements to graduate from a trial member to an actual DvN member.

Steps to Success!

1. You must be active on this website, in-game, and social media. In depth, website activity is counted towards frequent visitation, and forum activity. This means making posts and communicating via the website forums. 30 days of inactivity on either of the listed about, results in a removal from membership.

2. Each Member or Wanting to become member of DvNClan MUST have a Discord Account, YouTube Channel, Twitter, and Twitch account. Live-streaming from PS4 is free, more members now have the opportunity to get themselves promoted on the website and build an audience. Members who have gameplays he or she has recorded with DvN as their clan-tag can have them uploaded and featured on the clan youtube channel.

3. Look our for our recruitment nights (Located in the forums under Events). Trial members are required to attend 3 scrimmages before becoming a full member. Recruit nights give us the opportunity to get to know you and vice-versa, as well as provide you with some basic instruction on how we communicate and cooperate in game.

4. Read the rules below Code Of Conduct. Not having read the rules will not be an acceptable excuse for breaking them. You will be held accountable to these rules.

5. You Are not required to add "everyone" but Be sure that you have at-least all of the Team Founder, Leaders, Co-Leaders, and upper management added on your friends list. The more you have added the better chances you have of becoming a little more familiar with the clan. No excuses when the playstation network allows up to 2000 friends per account.

6. We Do Not Tolerate Immaturity! That Means No Shit-Talking, IP Flooding, or anything in that Regards. Anyone Caught will be instantly terminated depending on the depth of the situation.

7. Add your [DvN] clan tags for whatever game you play. caught without them will lead to a termination due to suspiciousness of leaving or ringing for another clan which is not tolerated.

8. If you're interested in playing competitively - game battles and such - go to the Main Menu under "Roster". The team members and team captains are listed there, contact the captains for information about joining an official team.

Welcome to Devastation!