Welcome to DvN Clan™!

Welcome to the 2017 Team DvN Gaming website. New features, new policies, new expectations. We've added a built in rank up system for members who are eager enough to earn their own position in Team DvN. Forum activity, Social Media activity, and in-game activity all play a factor in your overall rank of DvN. Loyalty, Trust, and Dedication is what makes success possible. With these key factors in every member of DvN, we have the utmost chance of becoming a top priority team to the call of duty community, which is everyone's common goal. The audience we already have and the members that have their own individual fame, makes us even more conspicuous. Our primary objective is developing a fun and enjoyable clan for all like minded gamers out there, who have had the same dream and expectations as we have. The only difference is we are making your dream become a reality. Join us today and help build the legacy for future dreamers. Are ready to become as one and help us achieve our common goal?